What a wild ride of a year. One of my housemates fell ill with Covid over Christmas and our house has been in lockdown since. Like everyone else around the world, NYE celebrations were conducted safely over facetime. My boyfriend and I shared toasts and live radio to keep us feeling connected. While it wasn’t ideal we made the best of the situation we’re in. 

I’ll be honest I’ve been far from motivated these last weeks as we close off one of the most disruptive years in recent history. Finally enjoying a break after a busy couple months of working two freelance gigs; window dressing, sewing up display pieces, and various side projects for colleagues. It goes without saying that I’m grateful to have managed consistent work in a foreign country during these times. Of course, this short pause won’t last long as I’ll be embarking on an intensive historical costume making course in a couple weeks time. I’ll be moving North to study contemporary and period menswear, as well as, period womenswear. Coming from a fashion background, developing myself in this niche arena will be quite fun. Trust that there will be photos of the journey!

I’m using this time in self-isolation to contemplate my goals for ‘21. More graditude, more embracing the unknown future and accepting that I cannot figure it all out in one go. I’m making “consistency” my mantra for the year. Whatever goal you’re working towards doesn’t have to be perfect, you just need to show up regularly. 

Not much else to report so I’ll let the photos do the talking. Here’s a selection of images that sum up the final months of 2020. Happy New Year to everyone! Here’s to our collective health in 2021. 

Bespoke matching Burberry trousers for a friend!

Sampling for Christopher Farr.

Halloween’s full moon!

Ceiling inside Harrods

Stroll through the knole in Seven Oaks.

2 stags in the knole.

Lights & full moon over on Oxford Street.

Toasting to 2021!

Beautiful arches in the graveyard.

Graveyard in Honour Oak.

A pair of parakeets spotted canoodling while on a stroll.

The view from One Tree Hill.

Admiring the tomatoes at Brockely Market.

BLT with fresh tomatoes from said Market.

An afternoon with Sadie. This little cat ran to me at the park and wouldn’t let me leave for hours.

Some hand stitching on a velvet hat at Prangsta Costumes. I went in for a day of sewing in late October. Sadly got too busy to ever return.

Inside the Prangsta workshop.

A view of my room from the garden; tiny silhouettes on the window sill.

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