Hello from Glasgow! 

Currently sitting in a little dimly lit cafe off of the West End Sauchiehall strip. Fall is officially in full swing which means rain, mist, fog, and everything miserably in between. I personally find it quite charming as the green of it all far outweighs the grey. 

I went on an personal tour on Sunday to see some landmarks and get out of the city. I met up with my guide Jack who took me in the West End. We met in Saint George square, filled with monuments of many men that contributed to the society we see today. He showed me darkened mansions that once belongs to the Tobacco lords and slave traders that brought Glasgow prosperity in previous centuries. I took the opportunity to take a picture with Glaswegian’s more famous monument, forever living with a cone on his head because the Scot’s have a great sense of humour. 

It wasn’t long and we were in the car up at Loch Lomond. It is the largest lake in Great Britain and moody AF. I was blown away we weaselled our way up to the Falls of Falloch. A hidden little treasure just on the edge of the Highlands. So green. SO FRESH. If we could bottle oxygen, this would be the place to do it. Moist, with a hint of fern, and oodles of crystal mountain mist! They say that green breeds creativity and I’m starting to believe it. 

Still deciding if this is where I’m to land! I’ve started putting out the feelers for work and for a home so we’ll see. I really like the vibe in this city. Very friendly, artsy and humorous in spite of the rain. As someone recently said to me “You don’t come to Scotland for the weather”.

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