Secret Society Of The Second Born Royals

After 4 months of endless days of sketching, sourcing, fitting, stitching, shooting, here is a glimpse into the first original movie made for the Disney+ streaming platform. I had a blast assisting NYC Costume Designer Liz Vastola making our vision a reality. Very proud of what we achieved here. 

Thierry Mugler Highlights

Finally checked out the Mugler exhibit this past summer while in Montreal. Incredibly inspirational! Was nearly nose to seam, checking out the flawless hand appliqué and delicate french seams. Will definitely be drawing from this for future creations. Somebody give me a reason to  recreate this red tulle wire bustle! 

Afternoon Projects

Hey folks!

Just moved into a new apartment and am challenging myself to decorate on the cheap. As a designer, fabric tends to add up quite easily, hence why I decided to use that which I have on hand. Using some old black cotton and a 4$ flat sheet I bought at the thrift store, I made a pretty simple bed skirt with a box pleat at the foot and the sides. 

I also made a few key tassel out of yarn as pull tabs for my ikea blinds.

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