Here we are at the end of quarter one, twenty twenty one. I am writing from the comfort of my sofa in a new room in a new city. It’s a grey and windy day in York and I am happily tucked away in a thick jumper behind closed windows. The city is teaming with colour slowly emerging from the ground up; tulips, daffodils and cherry blossoms are growing bigger by the day. I love a UK spring!

I am about to start week 3 of my historical costume making course and am enjoying it immensely. The college itself is bright and beautiful, located in the center of town just steps away from the Shambles market (the inspo for Harry Potter’s Diagon Alley). In my short time I have already completed a set of drawers, a chemise, a corset circa 1844 and a corded petticoat. Next week I will start on my second petticoat and afterwards my gown. All in all I feel like I am learning new techniques and have a new appreciation for embellishment; more is MORE. To think only a couple hundred years ago women were wearing multiple petticoats and being held together with steel boning…

Here are some photos of York, my work at the college and some shots from Cat & the Queen’s new video. I will do my best to keep showing off my progress as the weeks move foward.

The York city walls covered in daffodils.

The York Minster at sundown.

The Bile Beans ghost sign at sundown.

A beautiful building, Merchant’s Hall. Can’t wait to actually go inside.

My daily workspace at the college.

Embellishing the legs of my drawers with tucks and lace.

The finished embellishment of my drawers.

The corset toile made up in calico.

The front panel pieces tacked and ready to go.

The gusset openings.

The back pieces pinned and ready to be assembled.

The corset with the binding being in atteched.  Eyelets have been added.

The finished corset. At some point I’ll take an actual photo of me in it.

Starting the multiple rows of cording for petticoat #1.

Hook and bars to attach the petticoat.

My stand which I’ve named Abigail modelling my padded measurements and my petticoat.

Made a little bum pad. Will be building the 2nd petticoat overtop this ensemble.

I did not personally draw this, but this is a rendition of the dress I’ll be making for my 1844 look.

Officially released screenshots of my jewelled face veils for Cat and the Queen’s “Cabin Fever” video.

Officially released screenshots of my jewelled face veils for Cat and the Queen’s “Cabin Fever” video.

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