That’s a Wrap!

Oh how time flies! I’m officially back in London and my 15 week intensive costume course is complete. I feel like I learned a lot of new techniques and am proud of the body of work I’ve produced. I would say the most challenging (and also rewarding) part of the course was the tailoring.

I can often be quoted as saying “sewing doesn’t lie”. If something is stitched poorly you’ll see it; there is no hiding ill construction. With that in mind, tailoring requires that every step is done to perfection in order for the next step to go smoothly. Making welt pockets? You’d better snip it open to precision or it literally will not sit flat or be made weak at the joints. Every hand stitch must be done delicately; pulling too tightly will warp the garment and sewing too loosely could leave the garment to come undone. There is a reason it takes years and years to be regarded as a master tailor. While I may not be a master yet, I am very content with the work I’ve produced and have no doubt that this will beget many more interesting projects.

Without any further ado I would like to present my final project showcase in the video below. If you aren’t already following, please follow me on instagram @madewithjjoy for more content. I will be doing my best to post more timelapse videos documenting the creative process of the costumes featured in this video.

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