The Making Of: 1930s Tail Coat & Trousers

The last month has flown by! Hard to believe we’re already in August and I’ve been back in London for over a month now. While we’ve had a lot of rain, I’m enjoying the temperate summer that England is best for.

It’s been a slow process sifting through the many days worth of time lapses and documentation of my time at the college. Tonight I had a little window of time and decided to compile the making of my menswear project. For anyone who has ever been interested to find out what goes into the making of a jacket, this is for you! In short it’s a lot of precision cutting and hand sewing. I gotta admit I love me some pad stitching! Tailoring was definitely my most challenging of the course and I am grateful to my teacher Sil Devilly for teaching me the many tricks of the trade with this one. I feel that much more confident around a suit having completed this. A big thanks to my wonderful boyfriend for modeling this creation.

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